Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Adventures

I know that everyone has experience with a great summer. I do too, but this summer was different than the rest. This summer I didn't work as hard, and I played a lot more. I tried new things and continued doing things I love. The place I spent a large majority of my time is in the mountains. I took up hiking not knowing what I would think of it. Apparently I love it and I have pictures to show. I have also been biking (both road and mountain), wakeboarding, waterskiing, diving, lyra, longboarding, slacklining and traveling. It has been a summer of fun and one I will never forget!! Thanks to all those who were willing to join me on my adventures. I know we got lost a few times, but it just added to my entertainment!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I have just returned from a most wonderful trip to Canada! I don't know about you, but I have the greatest family - not only immediate, but also extended. This past week I have learned more about my heritage than I ever thought possible. And so I don't forget my favorites I must record them.
1. Great Grandma Pheobe loved poetry and songs. She would recite throughout the day as she worked. She learned them from her father as they walked a mile to church on Sunday mornings for Bishipric meetings.
2. Great Grandma Pheobe was both gentle and sweet. She never thought poorly about anyone.
3. Great Grandpa Rulon understood how to treat people. He would empty out houses for people on the way to work on the farm. He brought his nieces and nephews into his home and took care of them.
4. Great great grandpa Dahl would take people bags of flour during the great depression and everyone had almost nothing.
5. Great Grandpa Rulon and Great Grandma Pheobe never argued in front of their children. My Grandpa Jack never heard his dad raise his voice to his mom.
6. Great Grandpa Rulon and Great Grandma Pheobe had Japanese and Indians living on their farm during a time of great racism.
7. Great Grandpa Rulon and Great Grandma Pheobe create a home that everyone was welcome into. It was a home that all their children loved growing up in.
8. Great Grandma Pheobe never walked, always ran.
9. Great Grandma Pheobe always had the smell of rolls baking in the oven.
10. Great Grandma Pheobe once said (when she ask what she was doing), "I'm taking rolls to the old people in the ward." Funny things was...she was older than all of them.
11. Great Grandma Pheobe taught in her own way, but she taught that we need to dream, there will be trials, and we can't be naive.

There is so much more, but they have escaped my memory for the moment. As they come I will continue with other posts.

On to my Grandpa Jack and his siblings. I saw them together and they were so happy. I could just imagine them many years ago all living in the old house in Raymond behaving the same way they did all weekend. So excited to be together and never wanting the time to end. There is so much love they have for each other. And so much to learn from them. They understand the importance of family and how it is an eternal unit. I got to hear stories about each of them...Uncle Larry burning down the barn and learning about the atonement. Aunt Bonnie going on a date with a boy and then telling him she couldn't go out with him again until he changed a few things and went to church! Aunt Carol and how although she was the youngest she wouldn't be told what to do. Aunt Marie and how loving and caring she was. And then my Grandpa - a person that always recognized the influence of God in his life. These people have lived a long life, they have had many experiences and know what is most valuable - the gospel of Jesus Christ and their family (and not just their kids and grandkids, but all of us that run from the Rulon and Pheobe line and those that marry into it). I might be a Dahl and someone else might be a Baker, but we are family. There is a connection there that I haven't found else where. I am so very grateful to be a part of it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Beginnings

There are few things I know about myself...the rest is just a mystery! One of which is that I am a teacher and the classroom was made for me. THINGS HAVE CHANGED. I (as my principal put it) have been plucked from the classroom. I am moving to the District Office to be the Chinese Dual Immersion Specialist. I had my first real meeting today. It went really well, but then I went back to my classroom later on, and I was a little broken hearted. Actually more than a little. I started to pack up my stuff and I realized I was packing it up for longer than a summer. I know it is the right decision to take this position, but it is a more painful than I fully realized until today. One week left and I am going to take full advantage of it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some people are amazing and have a green thumb...I don't think gardening will ever come that easy for me. It might be a patience issue, but I hope in time I will be more like my Nanna and grow into a great gardener! Last fall my grandparents visited and they taught me a little about gardening- my favorite was the tulips...they were simple. I didn't know if they would come up, but I hoped. It was the first time I have ever planted anything and when they finally bloomed this week I was delighted! Such a small amount of work on my part, brought about a very beautiful creation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm is March and time has flown by! Jenny is great at reminding me that I am a total slacker - I do not deny it!

Life has been pretty great! And I have to tell you why it is wonderful - the people! Have you ever noticed that when you have amazing people in your life--then life is just the same--amazing! I have a family that blows my mind. We are all unique but when we get together it never disappoints, I have a good time!

Matt - is logical. He doesn't let a lot slide. He will tell you how it is and will give you the facts to back it up. Combine that with his sense of humor and you are bound to have a good time.

Jenny - the greatest thing that ever happened to Matt. She is fun, energetic, easy to talk to, and full of love!

Jared - he is always wanting to have a good time. He loves to have family around and have quality time. Jared has a huge heart, but he doesn't let everyone know it!

Renee - she is strong...she can make it through anything. She has a smile on her face and cares. She cares so much about the people in her life. She cares so much about me and I am extremely grateful for that.

Carlye - goodness, spiritual, committed. Carlye is so many things, and our family would not be the same without her.

Alli - this girl has energy to spare. She is full of love and shares it with everyone.

Merritt - really cares about people and treats them well. He is always willing to do anything and help anyone out.

Kiss - she blunt! She loves to be outside and play. That girl is always doing something. She is easy going and fun!

When we get together we always have a good time, never want it to end. I couldn't have asked for greater people in my family --- and to have most of them live so close.

I might just be the most blessed person in the world...YAY!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life in Salt Lake

Time to update. I have to say that life is pretty good in these parts of Salt Lake. I love my job. It is the exact change that I needed. I still get to teach (which I love), but there are new challenges (which don't allow me to get bored). My students are a handful, but they are 7, what can I expect. My partner teacher is still great!

So, what else...I workout a lot. I wish I were outside, but I have become a gym rat. I am there almost every day. I meet with a trainer ever 2 weeks and get new workouts. Surprisingly I really like it. I like having someone make a work out for me an then doing it. I think I am even getting stronger. I might have found an additional job. I applied for a job at the Mayan...I will be diving. Crazy right!? I am clearly not the most sane person, but I miss diving and it will give me a little extra cash. To be completely honest, I am totally excited. I tried out the other day and crashed more times than I can count (and I have bruises to prove it), but I smiled through the whole thing. I am crazy! So, life is full of surprises and not too shabby!

Why Me?

Do you ever ask yourself why me? I know there are tons of talks and scriptures that suggest you don't ask that question and just deal with life, but it's hard. Sometimes I think it is more than I can handle, so I ask why me. I am not a perfect person (by any sense of the word), but I try. I try to be a good person and treat people well. I try to work hard in everything I do. I try to by real, sincere, genuine. I try! So why me? Why must I go through things that I don't understand, and are painful? I realize that I am being vague, but I am just putting it out there. If you have a response...that isn't the same as I always hear, please share.